Conference Support Award for IU Faculty

IAS Conference Support Awards for IU Faculty

IAS Conference Support Awards for IU Faculty are to support faculty who are hosting conferences that will allow them and colleagues from IUB and other institutions to share, refine, and magnify works-in-progress. Our expectation is that these confereces will take palce at IUB, and they should lead to publications, performances, grant proposals, or exhibits.

Funds may only be used for the payment of honoraria and travel expenses for visiting scholars and arts and essential promotional materials for these programs. Conference awards may not be used for hosting a regular meeting of a regional, national, or international association or working group.

The maximum amount of the award is $1,000. IU Faculty at all ranks may apply. 

The deadline for 2020-21 Collaborative Research Award Applications is January 20, 2021. 

Application Information

Please check back soon for the updated application.  


IAS Award Reports

IAS awardees are required to submit two brief reports about their projects. The first is an interim report due approximately one year after the award; the second and final report is due after two years. The exact dates are included in your award letter and we will provide reminders. 

IAS Award Report

  • Extension Request: At the end of your 2 year award period, your final report is due and any remaining funds will be sweptback to the IAS. If you have substantive reasons for extending your award period, you may request an extension from IAS. You will need to provide a new timeline and budget for the extension period in order for your extension request to be considered.  Extension Request
  • Outcome Notification: If the final outcome of your project, such as a publication, conference, exhibition, creative work, etc., takes places after your award period concludes, we would still like to be notified! If you like, we can publicize your success! 
 Outcome Notification