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Black Lives Matter

The staff of IU’s Institute for Advanced Study condemns the violence perpetuated against Black people, as recently manifested in the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sean Reed, and many others. We stand with those protesting this continuing cycle of violence, and we denounce the systemic racism and white supremacy that incite it. Black scholarship, voices, and lives matter.

IU’s IAS has taken as its mission to promote collaborative intellectual exchange and to nurture innovative and creative ideas. This cannot happen without identifying the structural racism at work where we live, in our university, and in academia more broadly. We know that we must actively work to transform these spaces, and we commit to doing this work.

We will continue to interrogate our privilege and complicity in systems built on structural inequality. We acknowledge that our actions as individuals and as an institute must be actively anti-racist, starting with listening to our BIPOC colleagues, educating ourselves to do this work, and advancing initiatives that help others do the same. Above all, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of equity in the academy and in our community, and to use our platform to support and amplify BIPOC academics and community scholars.