Collaborative Research Award for IU Faculty

IAS Collaborative Awards for IU Faculty

IAS Collaborative Research Awards are monies to enable faculty to prepare publications, performances, exhibits, symposia, and grant proposals that draw upon the expertise of a group of faculty, be they colleagues at IU or at other institutions; or, to enable faculty to gain new knowledge or skill by visiting one or more scholars at their institutions or by hosting said scholars at IU.

The maximum amount of the award is $15,000 for an award period of two years. IU Faculty at all ranks may apply. 

The deadline for 2024 Collaborative Research Award Applications is February 7, 2024, 11:59 EST January 31, 2024, 11:59 p.m. EST.

Application Information

Along with the application form linked below, you will also be asked to upload a single PDF document which should include the following elements, written for a non-specialist audience:
1) A project title
2) A project abstract of no more than 300 words;
3) A 2-page project summary, which includes:
-a description of the proposed work;
-proposed outcomes for the project;
-a description of the role of each collaborator;
-a general timeline of the project's activities; and
-a summary of the project's capacity to further research and creative activity.
4) A current CV of no more than 6 pages;
5) A proposed budget, including justification for and explanation of expenses;
6) Letters of Intent to collaborate and abbreviated CVs from each collaborator mentioned in your application. Letters should be on (electronic) letterhead and include a signature. It is preferable to include collaborator letters and CVs with the applicant's files. The letter from each collaborator should address:
-the potential impact of the project on the relevant discipline or disciplines;
-an evaluation of the applicant's proposed outcomes; and
-a description of the collaborator's role in the project.


Applications are evaluated on the clarity and compelling nature of the research project, its capacity to further research and creative activity, its importance to the field/s to which it contributes, and the reasonable nature of the budgeted items and research timeline.

Please note the funding restrictions; see the FAQ linked below for details.

Questions can be directed to 

 Link to Collaborative Award Application


IAS Award Reports

IAS awardees are required to update us about their projects--we are particularly interested in learning of and celebrating your successes. Keep us updated! 

IAS Award Outcome Report

  • Extension Request: At the end of your 2 year award period, any remaining funds will be sweptback to the IAS. If you have substantive reasons for extending your award period, you may request an extension from IAS. You will need to provide a new timeline and budget for the extension period in order for your extension request to be considered.