Promotion Cohorts

Associate Professor Promotion Cohorts

This program is no longer being offered.

2021 was the last year this program was offered. 


Promotional Cohorts are designed to help associate professors focus explicitly on the goal of promotion to full professor.

A small faculty working group, typically interdisciplinary, will meet on a regular basis to benefit from mutual feedback and support in working towards this common goal with support from the IAS.


In the fall semester, the Cohort will use the semester for a series of informational meetings and discussion about topics of interest, such as CV revision, using the online dossier program, etc. In the spring semester, members of the Cohort will work on their research, teaching, and service statements. The IAS will arrange for a former college, school, or university promotion committee member to review a draft of each cohort member’s statements and provide detailed feedback.


The IAS invites associate professors to self-nominate for these promotion cohorts. We ask them to take seriously the commitment to come up for promotion in the year specified. Selected participants will commit to providing two brief status updates on their progress toward promotion preparation over the course of the year and promise to attend Cohort meetings and prepare feedback for Cohort colleagues.

Selected participants will be required to sign agreements to provide status updates on progress toward promotion preparation, attend Cohort meetings, and prepare feedback for Cohort members. Cohort members who do not uphold the terms of the agreement as described above may be asked to leave the Cohort program. 


How to apply

Applicants should complete the following steps and submit required documents as one PDF file.

Required Documents:

  • Promotion Cohort coversheet 
  • A brief plan for preparing for promotion
    • Department's Requirements for promotion
    • Tasks needing to be completed
    • Timeline for completing those tasks
    • Assessment of feasibility of plan
    • A brief statement of what the applicant most needs to get out participating in the cohort
  • Selected CV
    • Two-three pages maximum


  1. Save all required documents listed above as one PDF file with your last name, first name, "promo-cohort", and year separated by dashes.
    • Example file name: smith-john-promo-cohort-2020.PDF
  2. Submit application as an attachment to

This program is no longer being offered.