Repository Research Fellowship

Summer Repository Research Fellowship

In partnership with IU Bloomington repositories and with support from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, the Institute offers a short-term Summer Repository Research Fellowship to support immersive collections research. This initiative is intended to support research in the rich collections of the IU Bloomington campus and to build partnerships between scholars at and beyond IUB.

Started in summer 2015, this program funds a short-term Summer Repository Research Fellowship for a visiting faculty member or community scholar researcher to conduct in-depth research in the collections of one or more of our partner repositories. The fellowship provides an allowance for travel, lodging, and per diem as well as a two-week stipend for the visiting researcher and for the IUB faculty researcher. Fellows are expected to give an informal public presentation of their research at some point during their time in Bloomington.

Award funding includes:

  • $2,000 travel, lodging and per diem (maximum allowance)
  • $3,000 two-week stipend for visiting researcher
  • $3,000 two-week stipend for IUB faculty research partner

Maximum award amount is $8,000


Applications from faculty members at Minority Serving Institutions and community colleges and from source community scholars are welcome. 

Visiting researchers may apply independently or jointly with an IUB faculty research partner.

Applications for collaborative research with IUB faculty members will be given preference.

NOTE: Applicants must receive approval of dates and proposed research from the archive, library, or museum where they propose to conduct research before submitting application materials. 

Applications should be submitted as one PDF file.

Required documentation:

  • List of contacts from archive(s) you wish to collaborate with
  • Completed application

Check back for more information about the 2021 SRRF application


  1. Save all materials as one PDF file
  2. Submit application to

Past Fellows

Past Summer Repository Research Fellows have conducted research in a variety of repositories and collaborated with several IUB faculty.

List of Past Fellows

My residency in the IU Paleontology Collection was a Fantastic opportunity to collect critical data on the sizes of fossil marine animals...I expect to plan future visits to the collections, and hope to interact more regularly with the faculty and researchers at IU.

Phil Novack-Gottshall, Paleobologist & Summer Research Fellow 2016