Residential Fellowship

Residential Fellowship Program

Spring 2020 Residential Fellows

The Residential Fellows Program aims to promote intellectual community and foster new perspectives through day-to-day contact among fellows who bring different disciplinary questions to the work of their peers.

Residential fellows will receive a research stipend of $1,000 in addition to the private study. In exchange, we require that fellows be in residence, that sometime during their residency they present their work in progress in a small seminar or talk, and that they attend IAS-sponsored lectures or presentations. Upon completion of the fellowship, fellows will prepare a brief report regarding the progress made during the fellowship period.

The IAS currently offers two categories of one-semester residential fellowship:

  1. A fellowship for those who are on leave or have received a major non-IAS fellowship or grant.
  2. A fellowship with course release for faculty members in departments of the College of Arts & Sciences so that the fellow will have one semester free of teaching. This does not currently include faculty in the Media School, School of Art, Architecture + Design, or School of Global and International Studies. We are currently working on expanding this program with other schools and will announce additional partnerships when they are established.

The objective of this program is to provide faculty members with a semester without teaching or other major administrative responsibilities. If your configuration of duties means that you can only take one course release in a semester, please contact us. Exceptions will be considered under extenuating circumstances.

Who is eligible?

  • Tenured associate professors are eligible for only one Residential Fellowship, whether that fellowship is awarded with or without course release.
  • Tenured associate professors who were on leave in the semester preceding their proposed IAS residency, or who will be on leave in the semester following their IAS residency, are not eligible for a Residential Fellowship with course release.
  • Tenured associate professors who have been awarded a major grant for the semester in question–CAHI, New Frontiers, ACLS, NIH, SSRC, Guggenheim, Mellon, etc. will not be eligible to apply for the Residential Fellowship with course release.
  • IAS awardees who, subsequent to notification that they have been selected for an IAS Fellowship with course release, learn that they have been awarded another major grant, will be required to forego the Residential Fellowship.

How to apply

Applicants should complete the following steps and submit required documents as one PDF file.

Required Documents:

  • Letter of interest

This letter indicates which type of fellowship you are applying for and should include the following:

    • An abstract or short summary of your project, indicating its importance or originality
    • A description of the current status/phase of that work
    • The anticipated product or outcome and an explanation of how this residency will benefit your trajectory toward promotion
  • Current, abbreviated CV
    • Three-four pages maximum
  • A copy of your sabbatical or award letter;
    • OR, if applying for the course release program, a letter of support from your Chair, indicating that your semester teaching obligation can be met by your department


  1. Save required documents listed above as one PDF file with your last name, first name, "res-fellow-app" and year in the file name seperated by dashes
    • Example file name: smith-john-res-fellow-app-2017.PDF
  2. View latest Award deadlines
  3. Submit your application as an attachment to