Award Guidelines & Reporting

How to apply


NOTE: IAS research award funds cannot be used for professional memberships or as compensation to IUB faculty for writing, composing, editing, copyediting, or course release.

Apply for an IAS Award


IAS awardees are required to submit brief progress reports about their projects. These reports are due approximately one year after the date of the award; the exact date is listed in the award letter. A final report is due in the second year after the award. Since many outcomes such as publications may not be complete within the first year, these reports help us to more fully evaluate the impact of these awards. Final reports use the same form as the progress report.

Required Documents:

  • Complete award reporting form

Download award reporting form


  1. Save the file with last name and date at the start of the filename (before “ias-award-report”) separated by hyphens or underscores. We welcome photos or other project documentation. Recipients of multiple awards should complete one form for each and add the award category (“collaborative” or “individual,” etc.) to the file name.
    • Example file names: smith-2017-07-15-ias-award-report.docx OR smith_2017-07-15_ias-award-report_collaborative.docx
  2. Submit form(s) to