Award Guidelines & Reporting

How to apply


NOTE: IAS research award funds cannot be used for professional memberships or as compensation to IUB faculty for writing, composing, editing, copyediting, or course release.

Apply for an IAS Award


IAS awardees are required to submit two brief progress reports about their projects. The first is an interim report due approximately one year after the award; the second and final report is due after two years. The exact dates are included in your award letter and we will provide reminders. These reports allow us to track your progress and report on our awards' efficacy to the University. The form is the same for both the Interim and Final Report. 

Award Report Form

Extenstion Request: At the end of your 2-year award period, your final report is due and any funds remaining will be sweptback. If you have substantive reasons for extending your award period, you may request an extension from IAS. You will need to provide a new timeline and budget for the extension period in order to be considered for an extension. 

Extension Request Form

Outcome Notification: If the final outcome of your project, such a publication, conference, exhibition, creative work, etc., takes place after your award period, we would still like to be notified! If you like, we also can publicize your success. Take a quick moment to let us know how your IAS-supported project turned out. 

Outcome Report